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Saturday, December 5, 2009

PaleoLimerick #20 - Suspensful Feeding

Inoceramus, a bivalve of yore
Had a hinge, but not like a door
Filter-feeding was fine
With sea water like wine
A life habit that beckoned for more.

PaleoLimerick #19 – Ediacaran Ecstacy

Dickinsonia was a bilateral worm
That possessed a soft body, yet firm
In Precambrian seas
It became quite the tease
Not knowing the first thing about germs.

PaleoLimerick #18 – Mesozoic Misapprehension

An ammonite in the Cretaceous ocean
Was filled with the strongest emotion
Her exquisite suture
Preserved in the future
But of extinctions, she had absolutely no notion.