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Friday, November 20, 2009

PaleoHaiku #13: Cruising, and a...

Trilobite trails
A burrow celebration
Shallow but profound.

PaleoHaiku #12: Thanatos in Motion

Molluscan debris
Comingling of bodies
Summer storm, long past.

PaleoHaiku #11: Abyssal Farm

Agriculture without light
A deep-sea riddle.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

PaleoLimerick #17: PaleoRodents of Unusual Size

Palaeocastor was a gigantic beaver
In making dams, it was an overachiever
It chewed down stout trees
With consummate ease
Turning today’s beavers into unbelievers.

PaleoLimerick #16: Pachydermal Surprise

A mammoth of considerable size
Was really an elephant in hairy disguise
With tusks that were too long
Making love just felt wrong
As a lady mammoth very quickly surmised.

PaleoLimerick #15: Fangs for the Memories

Smilodon was a saber-toothed cat
Who ate muscle, gristle, bone, and fat
Its size, to be male
Was the same as female
And their teeth were quite pointed, not flat.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

PaleoLimerick #14: Flat Rocks, Hard Labor

Some dinosaur diggers Down Under
Were looking for old bones to plunder
In Cretaceous rocks
They worked like bullocks
Doing everything they could not to chunder.

(This limerick and the two preceding ones are in honor of the Dinosaur Dreaming dig site near Inverloch, Victoria in Australia.)

PaleoLimerick #13: Palaeo-Rewards

Flat Rocks is a place filled with bones
But to find them, you have to crack stones
A mammal jaw here
Deserves a big beer
You just have to break the right zones.

PaleoLimerick #12: Dinosaur Dreaming of Fashion

Inverloch is a palaeo-place
Where dinosaurs try to save face
By yielding a bone
They try to atone
For wearing Blunnies with frilly white lace.